You haven’t really played a Bethesda game until you’ve…

Sold someone a whiskey bottle you found in the toilet.
Woken someone up out of bed with a weapon drawn just so you could talk to them.
Accidentally drank out of a toilet.

Howie did what?

Howie Do It is another one of those prank shows, but it’s a little bit more lighthearted than most.  They don’t take things to far, realizing that isn’t that funny when you push someone to their breaking point.  Instead they are a little bit more original than the typical make-someone-really-angry prank.  You can find full episodes provided by NBC here.

For being a little bit more ridiculous than most,  Howie Do It is Certified Silly!

An Epic Tale

If you’ve ever worked in the service industry, whether it be serving up hamburgers or taking calls, you can probably identify with  Gord in the cynical Acts of Gord.  Simply begin the tale with the First Chapter.

Acts of Gord are henceforth Certified Silly!

Treat Yourself to a Cheezburger.

If you’re feeling down, a daily does of is in order.  There’s pages of stuff that will really make you LOL continuously, and your neighbors in the next apartment over will begin to wonder if you’ve finally lost your marbles.  Check back for new additions daily, or if you’re impatient, jump over to the upcoming section.

You can even participate with the Lol Builder by adding captions to any of hundreds of available photos like this one I captioned, or even upload your own photo and caption it like crazy.  After photographing a wolf spider in my medicine cabinet, I knew I had to upload it and make some Lols:
It’s not me is it?
I’m in your medicine cabinet…

You can navigate using the bar up top to some more hilarity.  I highly recommend the far top right link to, which will leave your sides sore from non-stop laughter.  Graph Jam is also pretty good and also has a fun participation element:
Situational Distribution of Having Sex
The Components of a Billy Mays Ad

I declare as being Certified Silly!

On the topic of cheese burgers is this clip regarding the cheez optional hamburger:
“I would like to buy a hamburger” clip of Steve Martin from the Pink Panther 2

You might not believe it, but this ridiculously silly scene actually plays into the plot later in the movie.  If you like this sort of silliness, then I recommend Steve Martin’s book, Pure Drivel.

Steve Martin, you are Certified Silly!

Hai Der World!

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